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Blog | Why Golf is Good For Your Mind and Body | Golf Edmonton

If you are an avid golfer, you know that a quality round can be stimulating both physically and mentally. Although it may not seem too physically demanding, you will be walking around 7km during a four hour round. You will also be using many muscles in your body during your swing. You also need to be mentally focused on knowing exactly where you want to place your ball and remain calm during your swing to ensure you hit the perfect shot. There are a lot of health benefits when you play a round of golf, and the following blog will outline a few of the best ones!

Stimulate your brain

When you exercise, your brain’s memory circuits get exercise as well because your brain receives stronger blood flow, which helps it function better. Keeping your mind and body active is essential in living a longer and healthier life.

Work your heart

Although golf is a low impact sport, you still need to perform a lot of movements during your round, which does get your heart pumping. If you decide to walk and carry your bag, you will increase your heart rate even more, allowing your blood to flow better. 

Helps you lose weight

If you want to lose weight while golfing, the trick is to ditch the cart and walk the full length of the course. If your local golf course is 7 km, you will be taking around 10,000 steps. With all of those steps, plus the exertion from carrying your bag and swinging your clubs, you could burn around 2,500 calories during your round. 

Can Help Reduce Stress

Yes, we have all had those rounds where we can’t hit the ball properly or our putters aren’t working, which can cause stress. We are here to say that golf shouldn’t be stressful, it should help relieve your stress! Golf is a fun game that is played in the great outdoors. Don’t beat yourself up after a bad shot, just take a deep breath of fresh air and move on to the next one.

Get Better Sleep

When you combine fresh air with exercise, you have a better chance of getting a good night’s rest. Sleep is very important as it helps you recover muscles and feel refreshed every morning.

Less Risk of Injury

Golf uses simple and low impact movements like walking and swinging. The sport is great if you are looking to lose calories and stay active while keeping your body healthy. As long as you have proper form and don’t push a pre-existing ailment, you should remain injury-free during your round.

Enjoy A Healthy Round At Eagle Rock Golf Course!

We have been excited every day watching golfers tee off and enjoy a fun round of golf with their family and friends; we invite you to do the same! Our course is easily walkable if you want to enjoy more health benefits that golf provides. Book your tee time today!

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