Dine at Eagle Rock Dining & Catering

OPEN YEAR ROUND - Eagle Rock Dining and Catering offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as on-site and off-site catering. Contact Gord for more details.

Feature Nights:

FRIDAY - STEAK NIGHT  -7oz. AAA Black Angus Striploin: $13.99 - 10oz. AAA Black Angus Striploin: $17.99 *Meals are served with sauteed mushroom, garlic toast, coleslaw and colossal baked potato or fries.* (4:00PM - CLOSE)

SATURDAY - Ribrageous NIGHT: Full Rack of our signature "FALL OFF THE BONE" Baby Backribs $14.95 (4:00PM - CLOSE)

Please call 780-977-0035 or 780-464-4653 for reservations.

Check out our exciting menu:

Eagle Rock Dining & Catering Dinner Menu

Eagle Rock Dining & Catering Breakfast Menu