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Edmonton Golf Course Pricelist | Eagle Rock



2023 RATES

18 - WEEKDAY $51.00 walking/$71.00 w/shared power cart.
18 - WEEKEND $61.00 walking/$81.00 w/shared power cart.

9 - WEEKDAY $33.00 walking/$45.00 w/shared power cart.
9 - WEEKEND $35.00 walking/$47.00 w/shared power cart.

SENIOR RATES - WEEKDAY $40.00 walking - $56.00 w/shared power cart WEEKEND $49.00 walking - $65.00 w/shared power cart. SENIORS also will get 10% OFF all 9 hole rates. 

JUNIOR RATES - WEEKDAY 18/$20 9/$15  WEEKEND 18/$30 9/420 - WALKING (Power Carts EXTRA)

*All prices subject to GST



JUNIOR POWER CARTS: You must be 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license to rent a Power Cart. Anyone under the age of 16 is NOT permitted to operate a power cart. Renters will be liable for any damages incurred to the cart when rented and a Cart Waiver must be filled out before renting the cart.

NON-PLAYING RIDERS: No one under the age of 5 is allowed on the golf course or riding along with you. Eagle Rock Golf Club will allow Ride Alongs on the golf course. Ride Alongs must abide by all the rules and regulations of the golf course. No more than 1 Ride Along per group will be permitted. If renting a power cart, the non-golfer (Ride Along - regardless of age) must pay for the seat on the cart. The cost to ride for 9-holes is $12+GST and 18-holes $20+GST. Ride Alongs must NOT participate in golfing: If caught golfing they will be asked to leave the golf course immediately without debate. Don’t break the rules!


Item Price
18-Hole Monday to Friday $ 51
18-Hole Saturdays - Sundays & Holidays $ 61
9-Hole Weekend $ 35
9-Hole Weekday $ 33
18-Hole Power Cart Rental $ 20 (per seat) - $40 for your own cart
9-Hole Power Cart Rental $ 12 (per seat) - $24 for your own cart
Twilight Walking $ 42
Twilight with shared cart $ 58
Driving Range Baskets $ 3-$15
18-Hole Holidays $ 61

Standard (Top Flite) Rentals Available.


2023 SEASON PASSES on-sale for the 2022 price until January 6th 2023.....

Call or email Chad for prices chad@eaglerockgolf.com
Note: All 2023 Season Passes are valid for 22 weeks of consecutive of play from OPENING DAY.  Example: If we open the week of April 19th the Season Pass will be valid for play until the week of September 13th. Any Season Pass Holders will receive a reduced rate of $20.00 walking and $30 with a shared power cart once the 2023 pass has expired.
Item Bronze* Silver**
Senior Individual $ CALL $ CALL
Senior Couple $ CALL $ CALL
Adult Individual $ CALL $ CALL
Adult Couple $ CALL $ CALL
Power Cart (Seat) $ TBD
Junior (Under 18) $ 425
Intermidiate/Student $ TBD $ TBD

* Silver Passes (Valid Monday to Sunday ANYTIME)
* Bronze Passes (Valid Mon to Fri, excluding holidays)

* Intermediate/Student/Junior Season Passes (Valid Mon to Fri anytime (excluding HOLIDAYS) and Weekends after 2:00 PM)

NOTE- Intermediate are ages 18-26 years old ages 27-29 Intermediate are available for $1,200.  Junior Season Passes are ages 10-18 years old.  Student Season Passes available with proof of post secondary school ID.




Gold Membership

(Passes valid 7 days a week and are fully trasferable)

Item Price
25 Passes with Shared Power Cart $ 1625 - $65/round
50 Passes with Shared Power Cart $ 3000 - $60/round
75 Passes with Shared Power Cart $ 4125 - $55/round
100 Passes with Shared Power Cart $ 5000 - $50/round

Please contact chad@eaglerockgolf.com for more information or call the Golf Shop @ 780-464-4653.