Virtual Golf in Edmonton - Eagle Rock Golf Course

Virtual Golf @ The Rock!!!  Your New Winter GOLF Destination

2018-19 Winter Sim League - NEW for the 2018-19 off-season, we will be be starting our first ever Indoor Winter SIM League - CLICK HERE for more info!!!

Upgraded Software - Upgrading our E6 Software from version 1.5, to 1.6 has given us a sharper image, enhanced graphics, and even more realistic feedback from our newly upgraded tracking box!



FullSwing S8 Simulator - Full Swing's S8 Simulator is second to none and trusted by many PGA Tour Professionals, such as Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Jim Furyk, Padraig Harrington, and Tiger Woods.  The S8 offers state of the art tracking technology with it's Ion Camera's and Infrared Light-waves, making it the best and most accurate in the business.

We will be pairing up our S8 Simulator with TruGolf's E6 software. Offering you 40+ courses to choose from, plus an assortment of practice modes. So whether you want to enjoy a round at Pebble Beach, or just work on your game, we're the place to be!

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